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I was born at South Woodham Ferrers in the county of Essex, England, in February 1936. I was keen on football, cricket, swimming, fishing, woodwork, sub aqua and played football for my school and for two other villages. South Woodham Ferrers was rural in those days and my first job was as a tractor driver. I still number that as one of the finest occupations where one can look back at the end of the day and see the work that one has done and the changes that have been wrought upon the landscape. I joined the Royal Air Force as a Boy Entrant and trained to become a telegraphist. Over the next twenty-four years I travelled to, and served in, many countries of the world before retiring to Holland. Later on, I returned to the United Kingdom to pursue yet another military occupation.
My writing career started rather late in life at the age of 83 and now I have two books published in the Dark Matter Transit series. Book No 3 is on the blocks to be published in 2021, Covid permitting.

I have added an additional video synopsis, below, which I believe, (hopefully) is more ambient than a block of type.

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