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A great read. Really believable SciFi. I was left wondering if Vernon Yarker knows something we don’t. A good read for Star Trek fans who prefer intelligent SciFi

5 Stars

A ripping yarn. If you’re a fan of Star Trek you’l love Dark Matter Transit (DMT). Like all good Sci Fi Vernon Yarker’s debut book is its believability. This is no fantasy fiction but rather an explanation of the possible

5 Stars

What a delight to find a Sci-Fi book that also has a good story. A well written book that is a good read for Sci-Fi enthusiasts and anyone who likes a book that is fiction but also is quite believable. I would recommend Dark Matter Transit to anyone and look forward to more of the same from the pen of Vernon J. Yarker who has imaginative writing skills which comes through in this delightful book.

5 Stars

Very enjoyable read and extremely well researched. This type of book you read from beginning to end because you can’t put it down.

5 Stars

A thought-provoking extrapolation of possibility.

8 July 2019
Format Paperback
An interesting read, projecting a future as yet unknown, from events familiar and recognisable to our present, The flow of ideas and human drama bring colour to the unfolding drama of the voyage

4 Stars

Once I got into it, I could not put it down ‘Very impressive.’

I read it until 3am
(From Iraq)

By letter in the UK

Once I got into it, I couldn’t put it down