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I have never met the young lady concerned. Indeed, I had not really envisaged a person so young would be reading it. I am delighted that she did, and thought so well of it to write to me. Moreover, that I did not take the, book down the easy sell route, of profanities and explicit sex, which makes it possible for teens to read it or to receive it as a gift. I have looked for the other book she mentions ' When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.' It's a serious story about a Jewish family that escaped nazism and fled to the United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Yarker,

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for my books and for signing them for me.

I have throughly enjoyed the first one and am really looking forward to reading Dark Matter Transit 2., but still have to wait a little while longer as I am currently reading ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’I have recommended Dark Matter Transit to the reading coordinator at my school and to many of my friends that read. I was on the edge of the seat and did not want stop reading it. It was incredibly believable that Geoffrey Holder was transported to the Qee van Ongle and accelerated through his fortunate life and through Dark Matter

Thank you very much again, I cannot wait to start reading Dark Matter Transit 2

Age 11


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