Dark Matter Transit: Blog spot. The Poenilium pistol and rifle, used by the space forces of the Ongle system of Planets, can have their target pre set and memorised. Thereafter, if the firing button is depressed the weapon will recognise, acquire and destroy, the pre designated target up to 30 degrees, either side, of the point of aim How to get your copy at a discount | Blog spot | Dark Matter Transit

How to get your copy at a discount

Both DMT and DMT2 have now been re-edited and reissued as 2nd editions in new covers. The paperback versions are all available on Amazon. Additionally the first two of the books. DMT and DMT 2 are available on Amazon. Regrettably for an unknown reason it has not been possible to release the epub of DMT3 on Amazon. However, all the epub versions can also be obtained from Smashwords, discounted by 40%, from Smashwords. See links below

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