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October 2021


The human mind has a problem, it cannot imagine limitless. There has to be a barrier or a horizon or an event. Even learned professors discussing space seem to be uncomfortable with that and they speak of the universe as if it were finite . But is that true ? Limitless means it will never end regardless of the direction you take. The same with physics, we know the physics applicable to near space. It does not follow when you use the term 'limitless' that the physics we know will be the same everywhere, but here again the human mind will not permit us to speculate . To us everything has length, breadth, and width, or we can touch it, hear it, or see it. If it fails to fall into any of those categories it cannot exist ….or can it ?

Dark Matter Has Gravity

Yes a few experts have decided that Dark Matter must have gravity because planets are moving in a certain way that indicates another gravitational force at work. A galaxy has a huge gravitational force and it stands to reason that it is not comprised only of the planets and stars one can see, but there are microscopic bits the size of pebbles, dust, atoms and asteroids trapped in the gravitational field of the galaxy, We cannot see these fragments through a telescope and even if we could they would be distributed very thinly . However, distances in space are so vast that if pea sized objects , or smaller, disbursed miles apart, the combination of them surrounding a galaxy would add up to a considerable gravitational force. Another point theorists tend to overlook is that even the closest the milky way is 25,000 light years away, and that is what they are seeing today when we look through our telescopes Since that time, all manner of objects could have passed by and are now deep into space and their passage has left a gravitational anomaly,

Oh Dear Amazon

I apologise that Amazon has completely messed up the presentation of these books. I have been working with them for two months now trying to clear this but quite frankly i have never experienced quite such a cock-up by a professional organisation and its apparent inability to correct a fault. It results in covers not being displayed, or the wrong covers displayed and even edition 2 in an edition 1 cover . The situation changes from day to day. The obvious solution, as they have proved unable to fix it, is to clear down all the files of these books from their computers and then ask me to upload them again as fresh copies. Regrettably they seem out of their depth