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Dark Matter Transit

Why Dark Matter Transit

Well to put it frankly, we know nothing about dark matter at all, but we know from Einstein that time travel, warp drive, hyperdrive could not work. The other alternative for space travel offered is worm holes but even if they did exist would they be stable enough to journey safely from one point in space to another and then back to the original departure point ?

So lets examine them one by one, starting with:[

Time travel, as Einstein has pointed out, nothing can move faster than light, and what would be the propulsion method. Light travels at over six hundred and seventy, million miles per hour. Obviously the human frame would never, permit one to accelerate from zero to that speed in seconds or even days. Maybe after a steady fuel burn for a couple of years you could possibly approach the speed of light. Albeit, one would imagine you would need a moon sized fuel tank along with you. Moreover, even light speed it pretty slow in terms of the universe. So that all seems a bit of a non-starter to me.

Warp-drive and Hype-rdrive, what are they and what do they burn for fuel ? What Sci-Fi hardly ever tells you is that if you set out on just such a voyage you would be aiming at a point of space where the picture you see, today, represents as it was, a few thousand years ago. Worse still,, you would have no forward sensors and you would be flying blind. Space itself contains debris which would often be so small that it could not be seen - except in close up. Regrettably If you were to hit something even the size of a pebble at those sort of speeds, it would probably vaporise your entire space ship.. Also, at full speed: to have time and distance to take avoiding action you would need to be aware of those orphaned pieces of rock up to about 100,000,000 miles ahead of you . You couldn't use radar !

Worm holes !Tthe universe is anything but stable, in fact everything in it is moving, thus the focus point of a worm hole will move, too, one minute pointing at one part of the universe and in another hour it could be pointing at an entirely different area of space. That could be a billion years in the future, or maybe never, again aligned exactly in the same. direction . In consequence, if they exist at all, one may be able to use one to arrive at their intended destination, but it would sheer luck if you could use it to come back !

This brings us to dark matter, for the purpose of these books, and not disproven any anywhere, dark matter is the fundamental universe. It is the only constant across all universes, it is in everything and between everything. As it is universal in limitless space, it has no measurements. Travel in Dark Matter takes you outside of the physical universe so that space hazards do not exist, indeed, you may even pass through blaziing stars but be unaware of them in your journey for which you will have previously keyed in your planned destination, at which you will arrive in less than one second.DMYas it is out-with the constraints of our known physics they do not apply.
See you out there !