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January 2021

It's fiction isnt it

*Should Science Fiction be believable ? I think yes, you have to be able to see it happen in your mind's eye. However, I have received one comment to the the effect, 'It is fiction isn't it.'That is a valid viewpoint but not one that I share

Universe author's view

I am an avid Sc-Fi fan but something irks about hyperdrive, warp-drive, time travel, and worm holes.The problem is we already know the physics, and they say 'impossible'. Looking at light speed, that is over 670 million miles per hour. In space films they seem to be able to jump to light speed in seconds. Really ? What sort of human frame could stand that ! To my mind it would take a few years of steady acceleration to attain that kind of speed and a similar number of years to slow down for arrival and that has to be repeated for the journey back. No matter what fuel you were using it would take a planet sized fuel source to sustain such a long burn. But the most obvious and probably deliberately missed obstacle (sic) is that space has debris in it, not much but the odd pea sized piece here and there and if you hit one of those at light speed it would be goodbye to you, your crew and your space ship. You cannot depend upon radar obviously. Yet, at speeds nearing light speed you would want to know the forward hazards at least one hundred million miles ahead of you so that you could make course adjustments. But if the obstacles were spread out over a wide area, an asteroid belt - for example, I am sorry you could not simply stop ! So on to worm holes, do they exist ? and if they do, will they be going in the right direction and even more crucial will they be there when I want to come back.
When a book or a film ignores the facts that we do know about physics they are entering the realm of fairy stories so we are in the hands of Merlin ! In my books Dark Matter Transit (DMT) and Dark Matter Transit 2 (No 3 up and coming) I have sought a new exciting alternative to warp drive, hyper drive, time travel and wormholes. Enter now Dark Matter Transit (DMT). Dark matter has no dimensions and it has its own physics which are not relative with our own. Dark matter is the primordial universe and it is the only common feature in all universes. You do not travel in DM, you set your exit biases before you enter it and you re-emerge at your presets. By reason that DM has no dimensions there can be no A through B method of travel within it. It could be likened to going through a door into another room, in our physical world you have not traveled at all, but you will have disappeared from view. Yes it may be fantasy but it is not disproven fantasy. Which, I feel, adds a little realism.