Dark Matter Transit: Blog spot. The Poenilium pistol and rifle, used by the space forces of the Ongle system of Planets, can have their target pre set and memorised. Thereafter, if the firing button is depressed the weapon will recognise, acquire and destroy, the pre designated target to within 30 degrees, either side, of the point of aim Dark Matter Has Gravity | Dark Matter transit blog spot | Dark Matter Transit

Dark Matter Has Gravity

Yes a few experts have decided that Dark Matter must have gravity because planets are moving in a certain way that indicates another gravitational force at work. A galaxy, remember, has a huge gravitational force and it stands to reason that it is not comprised only of the planets and stars that one can see. there will, also be, microscopic bits the size of pebbles, dust, atoms, ice, and asteroids trapped in the gravitational field of a galaxy, We cannot see these fragments through a telescope and even if we could they would be distributed very thinly. However, distances in space are so vast that if pea sized objects , or smaller, are disbursed even miles apart, the combination of them surrounding a galaxy would add up to a considerable gravitational force. Another point theorists tend to overlook is that even the closest space neighbours, the milky way, is 25,000 light years away, and that is what they are seeing today when we look through our telescopes In time lapse all manner of objects could have passed by and are now deep into space and their passage could have left a gravitational anomaly,