Dark Matter Transit: Blog spot. The Poenilium pistol and rifle, used by the space forces of the Ongle system of Planets, can have their target pre set and memorised. Thereafter, if the firing button is depressed the weapon will recognise, acquire and destroy, the pre designated target to within 30 degrees, either side, of the point of aim Dark Matter Transit Explained | Dark Matter transit blog spot | Dark Matter Transit

Dark Matter Transit Explained

How Dark Matter Transit (DM) works is a difficult concept to envisage. Basically dark matter has no form, no length, no height, and no width, yet it pervades the universe. Dark Matter has its own physics which it does not share with any of the universes disbursed within it. In terms of evolvement It is probably the basic universe, in which all is one and one is all.

Because dark matter has no dimensions you cannot voyage through it as in A to B. Instead you set your biases and submerge into dark matter and you re-emerge at the presets you set before you submerged. Regardless of distance traveled in our universe, your translocation time within dark matter will take less than on second to anywhere in the universe. The shape of a spaceship employing DMT does not differ from conventional design, because once a ship has arrived at its destination it still requires normal propulsion to orbit, or to move short distances, within a star system.

There are hazards in dark matter because there are storms and eddy currents within it. These anomalies can hurl a spacecraft out, sometimes billions of kilometers in the wrong direction at speeds from which it may take up to a year to decelerate.